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Students: Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic many universities are closed for much of 2020. Be sure to contact your housing manager before planning your move.

Student Moving Tips

Congratulations on being accepted for your first year at university or college! It's going to be a busy time getting packed, moved and situated in your new dorm room. But don't fret, we have helped hundreds of students move and we're here with a few simple suggestions to help you smooth out the bumps and get you ready for your first class.

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In or experience, first year college and university students typically live on campus in residence or dorms operated by educational institution. Therefore, this tip sheet is focused on that type of move. We have also included tips for those of you who will be living in off-campus residences but since these situations vary so widely, we can only make general suggestions about how things may operate with your new landlord.

One month before your move:

About a month before your move, you should have already received a documentation package from your new university/college detailing your new living situation and the move-in process. It should include the move-in times, locations, and a list of the items you need to bring. Be sure to read it carefully to avoid missing important dates and requirements.

Tip: Check the Web page for your residence for any additional information that might make your move go smoothly. Many institutions also have social media pages with useful updates.

Here are links to some of our local university residence Websites:

If you need a moving company to move your things to your new student accommodation, this is the time to get a quotation and to book a truck. Be sure to call Amigo Moving since they are student move specialists near you.

Check the list of items that you are going to need to bring to your new place, and ensure that the movers vehicle is appropriate for your things. Those of you who will be living off-campus, check with your landlord about move in times and verify whether the room is fully furnished or whether you'll need to supply your own bed, dresser or desk. These items are bulky so moving them requires more planning.

It's a good idea to review the list of items that you'll need that is supplied by your on-campus residence administration and make a shopping list so you have plenty of time to acquire the missing things.

Keep this list of items handy as a reference as you organize and pack over the next few weeks.

Two weeks before your move:

If you are able, contact your roommate a few weeks before your move so you can ensure that you don't duplicate, or omit any items on the required things list. Many residences allow you to have small appliances in your room and deciding ahead of time which or your roommates will bring each is a great way to avoid clutter.

Assemble a kit of items that you will need to access during the first few days/week of moving into your new dorm.

Here is a list of some of the items that you might need or want :

  • a small first aid kit
  • basic laundry supplies
  • cleaning products and tools
  • games and entertainment supplies
  • basic bar supplies (you're going to need them Frosh Week)
  • some basic tools (especially if you have furniture to assemble)

While it may not seem necessary to bring these items from home, keep in mind that purchasing many basic items may be difficult initially. You may not know the location of a convenient store, and you may not have transportation to make you purchases. It is often be easier to show up at your new college residence with everything you need to setup house.

Contact us to purchase the moving supplies that you'll need a few weeks in advance of your move-in date. Be sure to purchase plenty of packing materials before you start palking so you don't get half packed and realize you don't have enough boxes or wrapping paper. We'll gladly let you return any unused supplies for a full refund.

Move in day:

On move-in day be sure to give yourself a little extra time. Often the number of people that will be moving in that day can be overwhelming and it may be chaotic. Leaving lots of time will help to ensure that your first move is a smooth one.

If you have hired a professional moving company to move your stuff into your residence, be sure that you have all of your items packed and ready before the movers arrive. Also, if you are moving furniture, disassembling them and clearing them off before the movers arrive will greatly speed the movers along. Remember movers work best when you provide drinks and snacks so have some beer and pizza on hand.

It's a great idea to get to your residence ahead of your movers so you can get your key, say hi to your roommate and have a look at the layout of your room. That way when the movers arrive, you'll already have the doors open and you'll know where you want them to place the items as they bring them in from the moving truck.

Next step - Unpack and have fun!


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Hey guys. Do you have any tips for students who are moving out of residince to go on a Co-Op term? I don't want to take all my stuff since I'll be back at school in 4 months. Should I store it at a mini storage?
Tran in Waterloo
Last term I moved an UberXL (the one where Uber sends a van or suv). It was a really good option and it is not expensive.

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