Professional Packing Services:

Are you too busy to pack for your move? Is it all too stressful and time consuming?

We have the solution you need:
At Amigo Moving, we can send a our team of professional packers to your home to pack all of your items for you prior to your move. We have years of knowledge and thousands of moves worth of experience and we can assure you that we will pack your items very safely and efficiently.

Our movers and packers will arrive at your home or business some day before your move, ready with everything they need to do the job. Included in our packing service, we provide all the free moving boxes, wrapping, tools and padded blankets necessary for your move. All you need to do is stay out of the way. When you need your stuff moved, just contact us for a quote and we'll do all the heavy lifting.

If you need professional movers and packers in Kitchener-Waterloo region, or anywhere in Ontario contact us first!

Here some of the items that we love to pack:

  • Heavy household items like books
  • Breakable items like dishes and glassware
  • Fragile items like collections
  • One of a kind items like art
  • Hard to wrap items like fish tanks
  • Easily dammaged items like potted plants
  • Flammable items and dangerous items - like paint and firearms
  • Bulky items like framed pictures and mirrors
  • Slippery items like snakes.

Of course our movers and packers can handle any item you have but you should especially consider our services for your heavy, breakable or bulky items. Note that our packing staff should be supervised because they sometimes get a bit too over-zealous with the tape and boxes and we loose them. In this case we suggest you check our DIY packing tips for help.

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Our Customer's Reviews:

What do our packing customers say about KW Moving and Storage? Have a look:

The last time we moved I spent three days packing up all of our household stuff into used boxes, totes and bags. Then when the moving company came half the boxes broke and my stuff was spread all over the floor of the moving truck. It was such a mess.
This time I decided to splurge and get KW Moving to do the packing for me. It cost me a few bucks but I didn't have to lift a finger. I just let the packers in and it was done in half a day. The best part was that not a single thing fell out of a box during the move.
Thanks Guys
Paco January 2022

I got a new job in Kitchener and my new company agreed to pay for me to move to my new house in Waterloo. When the guy from KW Moving came to quote on the move he told me that he could include the cost of professional packing in the quote so the new boss would pay for it. Without even batting an eye my new boss approved the cost and I was all setup. The people showed up the day before my move and they put all my stuff into boxes. They even disassembled my flat screen TV, stereo and my bed for me. When we got to the new place one of the guys came to my new place and hooked up my TV for me. I think they may have been a bit wasteful with the packing supplies but since my boss paid for it, I don't really care.
Saul in Waterloo

Because I'm in co-op at the University of Waterloo, I have to move every term or two. It's really a lot of work and it sometimes takes me more than two hours to put my stuff into my re-usable packing totes. So, since my parents are rich, they told me to hire somebody to do the packing for me. I thought they were joking until I found KW Moving Supplies on Google. For just about a hundred bucks they sent a lady to my place to pack up my stuff. They even sent free moving boxes for the move and then took them away when she was done. She was nice enough to help me put it in the back of the Uber that moved me to the new place.

We'd love to give you a no-obligation quote on your moving and packing job. If you have any feedback for us, please send us an email.
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