Junk Removal Services:

Have you got stuff that needs to go away? Is it too big, too nasty, too voluminous or just too dirty?

Amigo is here to remove that junk...

Our professional movers do it all. We supply the truck, the manpower to load, and we haul the junk to either the recycling depot or the dump. It's professional, economical and simple.
Amigo's junk removal service is ideal for you if you're cleaning house, moving, downsizing, renovating, estate cleaning, garage cleaning, and more. We don't mind getting dirty and we can handle the heaviest loads. If you have appliances, electronics or bulky furniture, give us a can and we will haul away all of your unwanted items.

If you need a junk removal company in the
Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge or Guelph region,
contact us first!

Our Junk Removal Services Include:

  • Garbage disposal
  • Furniture disposal
  • Pre sale cleanouts
  • Pre move clearouts
  • Hoarder houses
  • Estate cleanout out services
  • Yard waste / Storm cleanups
  • Appliance disposal
  • Same day removal
  • Mini storage options
  • Construction & Renovation debris disposal
  • Nursing home or long term care moves
  • Short notice and odd hours services
  • We speak Spanish and English
  • Cleaning services also available
  • Garage, yard, attic, shed or basement cleanups
  • Commercial junk removal services

Our professional movers will arrive at your home or business on time ready to work. We provide everything we need to safely and efficiently load all of your unwanted junk into our truck. Then depending on the type of junk, we'll either donate it to a local charity, recycle it, or haul it to the dump. Just make one call and consider it done!

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Short Notice - No Problem:

We're a small local business and we often have staff available with little notice to handle your junk removal jobs in garages, basements and attics. Whatever the garbage removal job you have, contact us for a quick quotation.

Our Junk Removal Customer's Reviews:

What do our junk removal customers say about Amigo Moving's services? Have a look:

If you have construction debris that needs to go to the dump, I recommend Amigo's junk crew. Our contractor finished the job but we hadn't negotiated for the drywall bits and pieces of wood that were leftover to be removed. So, I hired Amigo moving and they took it all away for us the very next day. Why call one of those 1-800 junk guys when you can give the work to a local guy and get excellent service too?
Keeping it local... Timothy November 2022

Sure I recommend Amigo's junk removal service. When our kids were younger we accumulated a ton of junk and clutter, and although I tried to sell a bunch online, we just couldn't make a decent dent in the piles of it. So we bit the bullet and hired Jose to handle it. His guys took away about half a truck load of stuff, including an old mattress and our dead appliances. They were in and out in under an hour. Now our basement is nearly empty; Jose may have saved my marriage.
Andy in Waterloo

When my elderly father died he left his house in nasty shape and we weren't sure where to turn. He wasn't well in the last few years so almost all of his belongings were in terrible shape - dirty and worn out. So, as the executor of his will, I contacted Amigo moving and got a quote to take everything in the house to the dump. They gave us a great price that included the whole job including the dumping fees. They were also really flexible about working on a weekend when my sisters could be there too.

I got transferred out of the region so I called a realtor about listing my place and he told me that I'd never get a good price with so much stuff laying around. She was right. I am a bit of a hoarder and I needed to get rid of lots of my stuff. Jose came and told me he could take my stuff to the thrift shop for a low hourly rate. When his two men and the truck arrived they were able to pack up all the stuff in barely an hour. And since it wasn't going to the garbage dump, I saved on tipping fees too. You have to appreciate that. Thanks Jose
Johnny in Guelph

I'm Jose and I'd love to give you a no-obligation quote on your junk removal project. If you have any feedback for us, please send us a message.
Thanks a Load!

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