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Welcome friends! We are KW Moving Supplies, a division of KW Moving and Storage. We are your one-stop-shop for all of the items you need for a simple and safe move. Once you've decided you need to move all of your belongings to a new home, you'll want to dedicate yourself to packing and wrapping.

We have all the items that you need and at outstanding prices. Since we have zero inventory on any item, it's easy to keep the prices low and the quality high. If you are moving in or out of the Waterloo Region, check us out before you pack.

If you need to buy moving boxes, packing and wrapping supplies in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, contact us first!

We are one of the largest packaging companies in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. With a huge selection of packaging you will find everything you need to pack your items for a save and secure move. In addition to packaging we have all the other moving supplies that you need, whether it's a dolly or tie downs, we have you covered. We want to be your favorite packaging company and we'll got that extra mile for you.

Here is a list of the moving supplies available.

  • Cardboard moving boxes
  • Cardboard Moving Boxes
  • Picture/mirror boxes
  • Wardrobe boxes ** Cyber Moday Sale! - All boxes 50% off -
  • Free moving boxes (used cardboard boxes)
  • Dish barrels
  • Lamp boxes
  • Dish boxes
  • Electronics boxes
  • Re-Usable packing totes
  • Re-Usable plastic moving boxes (like frogbox)
  • Packing/packaging tape
  • Tape gun dispensers
  • Box Tape Dispenser
  • Furniture pads/blankets
  • Stretch wrap
  • Packing peanuts
  • Door wedges/stoppers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Wrapping paper (Kraft paper)
  • Packing paper (Newsprint)
  • Dollys/hand trucks
  • Furniture slides
  • Moving labels & markers
  • Box Marker
  • Shoulder/forearm lifts and dollys
  • Flat screen TV covers
  • Monitor/Flat screen TV boxes
  • Record storage boxes (bankes box)
  • Shoe covers/Booties
  • Banding wand wrap
  • Polyester floor runners
  • Shipping/mailing tubes
  • Mattress bags/covers
  • Work gloves
  • Tie downs, rope & twine
  • And lots more items to make your move go smoothly...

Environmentally Responsible Moving

At KW Moving Supplies we care about the environment and the future of our planet is extremely important to us. That's why we do our best to source our packing supplies as ethically and as environmentally responsibly as possible.

All of our cardboard boxes and wrapping paper is made from 100% recycled content. In fact, not a single one of our products contains any new product or chemicals. They all contain 100% purely naturally occurring air.

To minimize our carbon footprint, we only sell recycled cardboard boxes and reusable packing tape. Virtually, all of our moving supplies are recyclable at various locations in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph.

Our Customer's Reviews:

What do our packing supplies customers say about KW Moving and Storage? Have a look:

When my loving wife told me to pack up and get out after 12 years of marriage I needed a bunch of packing supplies. After I shopped around a bit, I quickly found out that some places, like the big box stores, had good deals on some items but they only had a few of the items I needed. After a few stops, I went to Amigo Moving and found all the stuff I needed at one place at a really competitive price. Arnold December 2018

Here's a horror story for you. When I started getting ready to move I went and got a bunch of liquor boxes. They were free but every one was a different size so I couldn't stack them so they took up tons of space in my storage unit. Next I found some used boxes on Kijiji. Again they were free but they had so much tape and writing on them that I had to clean them up before I could put them together. I just gave up and bought nice new boxes from Amigo Moving and it all worked out great.
Willy at U Waterloo

I am extremely cheap so I wanted to find free moving boxes in Kitchener for my last move. A friend told me that if you are willing to take used ones, you can borrow moving boxes from Amigo for free. The free boxes from the liquor store are too small but these are perfect. It's a great deal and it saves having to trow out or recycle new cardboard ones.
Thanks guys, Leo

Here's a story that I'm sure you've heard before... I went to the Home Depot up there in Waterloo to buy moving boxes and, as usual, they were sold out of the sizes that I needed. The associate wasted 40 minutes of my time searching the overhead shelves trying to find them and then said "Sorry, I guess we don't have any". I was so pissed.
Anyhow, I Googled where to buy moving boxes and they showed me Amigo Moving and I stopped there on my way home. They had eveything I needed and the price was the same as the big-box store. Next time I'll just go directly to the guys who care.

I was planning to move my company to a new location so I searched packaging companies and found a bunch of wholesale places. The problem was that since I wasn't going to sell the items, none of the companies would sell the packaging materials to me retail. A friend told me that Amigo Moving had lots of packaging supplies so I gave them a call. They hooked me up with everything I needed and at a wholesale price as well.

If you would like us to quote you for your moving supplies or packing, or if you have any feedback for us, please send us an email.
Thanks a lot,

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