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Why Hiring a Professional Mover Always Beats a DIY Move.

We've all done it... We've all tried to save a few bucks by getting our friends or some guys from Kijiji to help us move to a new house. You know the drill. You rent a U-Haul truck and you and your buddies blow a day wrestling with your DIY (Do It Yourself) move. I'll bet you saved some cash but did you end up frustrated and annoyed?

Here are our top 8 reasons to hire a professional moving company for your upcoming move.

1) Professional movers are expert packers

When it comes to packing, the professionals can save you time, money and frustration.

Packing professionals are extremely efficient at putting your items, both into boxes, and into the truck. Since they do this type of work all the time the have great skills at sizing up items and spaces in which they will be placed. Packing correctly saves on packing material, space in the vehicle and it minimizes the likelihood of damage to your items.

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2) Professional movers have the right equipment

Moving your belongings out of your house and into a truck using the right equipment can save you in various ways.

Obviously, items such as dollies and carts makes it a cinch to move heavy and bulky items. Having plenty of packing blankets nearly guarantees that damage just won't happen. Straps and plastic wrap make sure that items stay contained and clean. How many times have you moved and had your dresser drawers fall out on the way to the truck? Professional movers never have such issues.

3) Professional moving men/women know how to handle large items

Would you trust your friends to move your piano? Are you willing to have your dinning room table scratched? I wouldn't either. It goes without saying large and bulky items are best left to professionals. With lots of blankets, straps and other equipment, professional moves can move your bulky items with ease.

4) Professional moving companies are insured and bonded

I know you can trust your friends not to run off with your belongings but what about those guys you hired on Kijiji to load the truck with you? And, even thought you trust your friends not to steal your stuff, but what if someone drops that big screen TV of yours? Are you going to loose a friend because you asked him to help you move in exchange for some Pizza?

Forget about it. Hire some professionals and in the event that something goes missing or an item is damaged, the movers insurance will make sure everything is resolved to your satisfaction.

5) Professional movers know how to drive trucks

For me, the most frustrating thing is having to drive a borrowed or rented vehicle. Add the thousand other stressors of moving day to that and see how well you can drive. Sure the U-Haul guys will rent you a truck but by the time you pay for the rental, the insurance, fuel it up and go thru the paperwork how much is it really costing you? Then you have to maneuver it through the city streets and you have to back it up, typically in places where trucks weren't intended to go.

Once again, a professional moving company has trucks that are perfect for your move. The driver is also a pro and is sure to drive it with ease.

6) Professional movers rarely damage things

If you're like most people you like your stuff and you treat it with care. You would never move your items without being attentive about them. Now think about how those guys that you hired on Kiiji might treat your things. Do you think they will feel responsible if your items get scratched or damaged? Will your friend be cool if she breaks a lamp? Will you be able to get over it?

It's just human nature to take the most care of your stuff and have a little less respect for other peoples goods. The difference between your friends or Kijiji guys and a professional moving company is that the moving company has a reputation to uphold in the community. That's especially true now that online reviews are so prevalent. If you have a bad experience with a mover, we know, everyone is going to be reading about it online within days. We're going to make sure things are handled with great care.

7) Professional movers give you the price (a quote) ahead of time

Doing some simple math may lead you to think that a DIY move is a great way to save some money, but more often than not, it's not true. Once you factor in everything: the truck and equipment rentals, fuel, buying your friends food and drinks and possibly paying for a helper that you found online, it's almost certainly going to be a negligible saving.

Now think about the possible expense if something goes wrong. Just a few damaged items could cost thousands to repair. What if your friend was to get severely hurt? Are you insured enough for rehabilitation?

Professional moving companies will give you a quote ahead of your move and that is what you will pay - regardless of any incidences or accidents. It's worth a few dollars for piece of mind.

8) Professional movers have the right attitude

I know your friends are good guys but do you want to put them in the position of having to responsible for your belongings?

Even more importantly are you sure that they will show up on time ready and able to work? There are just too many ways that relying on your friends on such a stress filled day could blow up in your face.

Professionals are quite simply professional and know they are at your home to work. A professional would never walk on your carpets without putting down drop-cloths, they wouldn't move your furniture without wrapping them thoroughly. They just know how things need to be done.

If you are on a really strict budget and you have a small move, go a head and try a DIY move. But if you have some nice things and it's more than a small load, you'll find that the few dollars you save won't compensate you for your time, energy and stress.

Happy Moving!


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Steve in Waterloo
I totally agree about your damage comment. I had my nephew help me do a DIY move once and he accidentally broke my very expensive lamp. I felt terrible and rushed to try to fix it - he collapsed and cried. He felt so bad that he insisted on buying me a new one. He's a great kid and It's not fair to put that pressure on him.

Dr. Karen
Never hire a mover from Kijiji. A moving guy made me give him $60 for a "gas deposit" and then he never showed up on the moving day. They won't burn me another time.

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