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How To Pack Clothes For Moving

Packing and moving your clothing can seem like a daunting and time consuming task. But, if you follow our easy tips you will find it can be stress free and somewhat rewarding. We will also get into tips on packing and moving your shoes and accessories too. So here goes

Wash Your Laundry Before Your Move

This is really important and probably a no brainer but needs to be addressed. Packing dirty clothes is not a good idea. Do you want to open boxes of sticky clothes at your new place? Take some time and do your laundry before moving day.

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Moving Your Hanging Clothes

The best advice we have is to purchase wardrobe boxes. These sturdy boxes come with a rod and make packing a breeze. These boxes come in tall and medium sizes. The tall ones are perfect for formal clothing and dresses while the medium boxes will accommodate shirts and pants. They can be a little on the expensive side, but when you consider how much money you spend on your clothing they really are a great investment. You can also toss loose stuff like belts and socks into the bottom to be extra efficient.

A budget friendly option to the wardrobe boxes is the use of large garbage bags. Just cut out the bottom and put them on like a dry cleaner bag. It keeps your clothes organized and clean.

Packing Folded Clothes

Place your folded clothes in moving boxes and don't overpack. You can place clean tissue paper between each layer to prevent wrinkles. The medium sized moving boxes are the best option for moving folded clothing. Make sure you tape and label the outside of the box.

We've heard a great tip is to not pack folded clothes and to leave them in the drawers of their dresser drawers. We discourage this practice for two reasons. Firstly, it makes the dresser very heavy for the moving men/women to move. And, it creates the possibility of the clothes dumping out if the drawers are not securely closed - that could be embarrassing!

Packing Shoes and Footwear

The best way to keep the toe of your shoes in shape during your move is to stuff it either with socks or crunched up tissue paper. Wrap one shoe in packing paper then followed by its mate and tape them together. Place the shoes in a moving box. Repeat with all of your shoes. This will keep your shoes nicely organized and clean for the move.

Tips for Belts and Scarves

Roll up your belts with your scarves and place them in a suitcase with your hats, mittens and gloves. Your suitcase or duffle bag is a great way to transport these small items. Use some masking tape or painters tape to label the outside of the bag.

Packing Sweaters and Cardigans

Neatly fold your sweaters and cardigans and layer with tissue paper. Keep wool sweaters together and cashmere and fine fabrics apart to prevent damage. Treat your sweaters with love and care on moving day.

Don't Forget Your Underwear

Fine lingerie should be wrapped in tissue paper. Neatly fold bras and underwear and layer in a small moving box. If you are moving with your significant other, you could share a box but that is your call. I guess it really depends on how much you want your silk camis sharing space with his grungy undies.

The biggest tip is to be organized when packing your clothing for a move. It is worth the time and effort to have your clothing wrinkle free at your new place. Who wants to spend time ironing wrinkled clothes when you could be cuddling on the sofa?

Happy moving :)


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