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Tips for Moving Your Tropical Fish

Having met a lot of people with large fish tanks, we have learned a few things about moving them safely to a new home.

If you're thinking of moving your pet fish to a new home, be prepared to do a lot of preparation. Make sure you have the right tank, food and water, and be prepared to handle them safely.

Firstly, check your fish's tank and filter. Make sure the water is clean and the filter is in good condition. Replace the water and filter if necessary is a good way to ensure you won't have problems.

Feed your fish a final meal in their old home. Make sure their food is fresh, tasty and appropriate for their size and type of fish. Note that fish sticks are not an acceptable food for fish.

To avoid droppage due to slimy surfaces, we suggest that you clean your tank and filter. Clean the glass and metal surfaces of the tank and filter. Use a mild soap and water.

Now you are ready to move your fish from the tank at your old house. If your fish is large, you may need to move it in pieces. Fill a large container with fresh water and place the fish in the water. Add fresh water as necessary to cover the fish and to keep them floating.

After the fish are removed you can drain the water out of the tank and wrap it in bubble wrap for transport. We suggest that you put a whole ship-load of "Fragile" stickers on it so our moving men don't toss it around too vigorously.

The next step is to prepare the new tank at the home that you are moving into. Fill the tropical fish tank with fresh water and place your various things in the water too. Don't forget to put that treasure chest thingy in there to make it look really legit.

Finally, you can move the fish to their new home. Place the fish in a new tank and add fresh water as necessary to cover the fish.

Have a great move!
Jose - Just for fun!


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Hillory in Waterloo
Thanks for the laugh Jose! I love your ideas on moving fish and think you should start a side business just moving fish.

Frankie in Kitchener
The last time I moved my fish tank I lost about half of them. I still can't figu;re out how they got out of the box.

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