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Tips for Moving Cats

Hello Cat Lovers,

We have had many questions relating to moving with house cats. Currently statistics show that 55% of households have a cat or kittens and when it comes time to move we are all concerned and a bit anxious about what to do with furry friends on moving day. To help make your cat's move safe and smooth, we've put together a few tips...

Preparation Pre Moving Day

The best piece of advice we could give cat owners is to prepare well ahead of your move. Don't expect your kitty cat to be calm on moving day if you haven't had a chance to prepare his surroundings well in advance. Pets are not big lovers of change and we all know that the change moving creates for us humans is huge. Imagine what the stress would be like for your cat.

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Pet Carriers

If you are using a pet carrier, which we highly advise for your cat, get him or her used to it well in advance. Leave it out in the open so they can crawl in and out as they would like. Put a couple of their favourite toys in the carrier to help them feel calm and comfortable. If they have never used a carrier before it would be an excellent plan to purchase one well ahead of the scheduled moving date to alleviate any anxiety. Confining your cat to a brand new carrier on moving day could have disastrous consequences and make the day a high stress time for all.

Your Veterinarian

Make an appointment with your vet to discuss the upcoming move. If you are moving out of state they can advise you about necessary paperwork and vaccinations that your kitty may need. This would be doubly important for an international move where there may be many different rules and policies to adhere to. This may be a good time to get your Kittens up-to-date on their vaccines. Your vet can also give professional advice on the pros and cons of sedatives to help calm an anxious cat on moving day. Leave this advice to the professionals.

Pack a Tote Bag for the Move

Have a bag set aside for treats, familiar toys and blankets, water and food bowl and kitty litter tray for your cat. Take this in the car with you so you have everything you need during the drive and for when you arrive at the new home.

Moving Day

Keep your pet(s) out of harm's way on moving day, either in a pet carrier or a safe room away from the movers and large heavy boxes. Some cats have been known to escape out the front door on moving day without anyone realising.

Remember that moving is a stressful time for all including our precious furry friends so being organized and prepared prior to moving day will help alleviate anxiety on the day for everyone. Keep your kitty safe and comfortable to ensure a smooth move.

As always, Happy moving


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Tony in Hamilton
Do you have any experience with sedating your cat when moving? My kitty is very nervous and I don't think she'll be able to handle the stress. Is there a sedative that you can recommend for moving day? How about sleeping pills - would half a pill be OK?

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