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Packing and Moving your Collectables

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Today we're giving you some tips on how to pack and move your collectables. If there are items that you cannot possibly live without, you will need to take care how you pack these for your move. Opening a box only to find broken pieces would be super sad.

Here are 10 of our most practical tips on the best way to pack your most cherished collectable items and to reduce the incidence of breakage.

1) Packing boxes

Purchase good quality packing boxes or platic totes. Stores that specialize in storage and moving will have a variety of boxes to choose from. Remember that you do not want to put your collections into heavy boxes. Even if you have hired a moving company, we recommend your packed collection box should not weigh more than 20 lbs.

2) Packing tape

You will want good quality tape so that the box will stay together. This will seem like common sense but we have seen boxes break apart because people bought crappy dollar store tape.

3) Bubble wrap

Think about how much you need then double it. Bubble wrap will help protect your collectables better than anything.

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4) Labelling

Get a thick waterproof sharpie to label the contents of your boxes along with the room they will go in.

5) Moving blankets

Use these for larger items that will not fit into a box. Wrap the item and tape it securely. Moving blankets are a great and often overlooked item to help your move go smoothly.

6. Packing paper

Clean sheets of packing paper will help you pack any non breakable items. Newspaper works too if you have any. Newsprint can be messy and gets over everything.

7) Create a master list

Take stock of your collectable items to prevent loss. It will really save you down the road.

8) Take photos

Keep photos of your collections and collectable items in case anything goes missing. Photos may also be useful in making an Insurace claim if something were to get broken.

9) Donate

Even Though you have already decluttered and donated items you may find that you have rethought what you want to take with you. Now is a great time to do this especially before the move.

10) New memories

Remember that with a move comes the chance to create new memories. If you bring too much of the old stuff you have collected, where can the new things go?

Happy moving


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Lenny in Guelph
I have a huge comic book collection and some items are priceless. Is there such a thing as "specialty moving companies" to handle my move for me?

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