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Tips for Moving Your Pets

Having been in the moving business for more than ten years, we've moved a myriad of pets. While many pets are easy to pack and prepare for a move to another home there are also some very challenging ones. The following is our best advice on moving with pets...

Moving with Small Animals and Birds

Small animals and birds like gerbils and budgies are easy moved. Since they already live in a cage, It's easy to just toss it in the back of the moving truck and as long as we don't stack too many other items on top, they almost always survive.

Moving your Reptiles

Since snakes and most other reptiles often live in glass aquariums they are more of a challenge to pack. We suggest that you carefully pack them and the aquarium in a box with ample bubble wrap and plastic peanuts to avoid damage or injury. It's best to wrap each reptile individually in bubble wrap so they don't chafe against the other items in the box. Be sure to label the box so that they moving men do not drop the box or allow it to freeze. It's also useful to note on the box if the snake inside is venomous. Some movers may not allow it in their vehicle.

Moving Cats

Cats are a challenge to move as well. If you are very rich, there are cat carrier boxes that are available at pet stores. They are handy but very expensive. We find that an effective way of packing your kitty for a move is to just put the cat in a burlap sack and tying it with a rope. Then it's easy to move it without getting scratched. One concern though is that an especially rambunctious cat may start rolling in the sack and we've seen them roll themselves right out of the back of the truck. For this reason we like to drug the cat first with a little Valium. Note also that putting a live cat in a cardboard box is almost always asking for trouble.

For more information, review our Moving With Cats article.

How to Move Larger Animals

For really large animals such as big dogs and ponies, It may be easiest for the movers to just strap them to the side of the truck (the inside of course). We find that it only takes a few furniture straps to hold even a feisty pony in place for a move. The only downside to this option is that there is often horse shit to deal with afterwards.

Pet Packing Quick Reference Guide:

  • Cats - toss it in burlap sack.
  • Goldfish - pour the fish and the water into an old paint can.
  • Ferrets - use a sturdy beer cooler.
  • Small Dogs - luggage is a great option.
  • Mice - your shirt pocket is a great option.
  • Hedgehog - a bucket with a lid works great.
  • Bunnies - in a top hat of course.
  • Monkeys - just free in the back of the truck.
  • Chickens - a shopping bag works great.

We realize that we have not touched on the strategies necessary to move all types of pets to your new home, but hopefully you can adapt one of the above ideas to your pet.

Have a great move!
Jose - Just for fun!


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Tim in Guelph
This is not right! I am and animal lover and I think think it is disgraceful to suggest moving small dogs in your luggage. They must be moved in a safe dog carrier - or on the owner's lap in the automobile.

Harry in Kitchener
You guys are a riot. These tips offer the levity we need in these days of chaos.
So, how would you propose I pack my budgie ;)?

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