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How to Move Your Houseplants

Hello everyone

Just recently I had a great conversation with a customer who wanted advice about what to do with her many houseplants during a move.

We talked for a while and it made me realize that this would be an excellent topic for a blog post. I am betting that many of you are concerned about how to move your plants without having any deaths or damage. So here we go.

Firstly you should definitely take an inventory of all of the houseplants you currently have. Make a list of all of them and determine how much space you have in your new place. Now you will need to make a calculation on how many of these plants will be able to fit into this new space.

Take into consideration how much light you have and whether you have access to any outdoor area. Also you may have plants that just may not fit the aesthetic of your new place. Do your ferns and succulents really suit a modern condo? Perhaps some of your plants really shouldn't come with you when you move.

Realistically you should try and donate as many of these plants as you possibly can. Call your friends and family and make a case for your plants to stay with them. Some plants do not do well if they have to move. Do you have any orchids or large cactus plants? These guys should stay to prevent damage. They might make a nice welcome gift for the new owners of your old home.

Once you have decided that there are some favourite plants which you cannot possibly part with then you need to plan for their move.

You can put your smaller house plants in plastic bins with lids on moving day. We suggest you put towels or packing paper between them to prevent damage. Try not to overcrowd them. Don't forget to label and be sure to move them in your car and avoid the moving truck.

The larger houseplants need some extra special tender loving care. Wrap the base of these plants in large garbage bags to prevent dirt from escaping during the move. Also you will want to forgo watering your plants on the day of the move, otherwise this can be very messy. Again, they are best moved in your car.

If your plants are too large to stay upright in the car you will want to put down an old sheet and plastic on the backseat of your car. You do not want to have to clean up dirt and mud from your car interior. If they are just too large, You'll have to put them in the moving truck. Be sure that the moving men know that these plants are going to be included with their load so they can plan accordingly.

Moving is always a great opportunity to take stock of what you have and make decisions about what you must keep and what you can let go of. This is particularly relevant when it comes to your plants. It can be heartbreaking to leave your plants behind but it would be more devastating if they didn't survive a move.

Do you have any tips for moving houseplants? We would love to hear from you. Your feedback means so much.

As always, Happy moving


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Sarah in Cambridge
We have several cacti and succulents to move. Is there a special way to wrap/pack them to keep them and the movers? I'd hate to have them get pricked on a cactus.
  - Amigo's Reply: Good question Sarah. We suggest that you wrap each cactus in packing paper and stand them up in a box. If your plant is too large for paper, then cling wrap is the answer, but the movers will need leather gloves.
Trevor in Bden
Hey Amigos. It may be a bit off topic but if I were to dig some of the plants out of my yard to move to my new place, how would you pack them?

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