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Preparing to Move in the Era of COVID-19

The moving and storage industries are adapting quickly to prepare for the new realities of the Coronavirus. Those changes create many questions for our customers, employees and contractors. In an effort to clear up your questions and concerns about moving during this pandemic, we have put together the following moving preparedness information for our residential moving customers.

Packing & Preparation Pre Moving Day

One of the most significant changes, for which you'll need to prepare, is that every one of each customer's belongings must now be boxed, bagged, sealed or wrapped before it can be moved.

Before the outbreak, our moving staff would load and move household items that were loose, uncovered and placed in open containers. Now we require every item to be sealed to prevent the spread of the virus. Soft items like furniture and carpets must be wrapped tightly in plastic on all sides. Cushions, pillows and other soft items must be put into bags and sealed with tape so that none of the surfaces are exposed to the air. And, all oddly shaped items must be put into totes, boxes or bags. Our moving men and women will not load items that could be contaminated with droplets.

Protecting the Moving Men & Women

Our movers will be prepared for your move by wearing disposable coveralls, gloves and masks. We understand that our staff will not be able to work as quickly but we insist that they wear safety clothing at all times. Even while driving between locations, our movers are required to wear their masks.

During the outbreak period of the COVID-19, we will not allow customers to help load the moving truck or to supervise the movers. We will not allow anyone into the truck (the cab or box) that is not a moving company employee wearing protective clothing. This ensures that our movers are not ever within the 2 meter social distance zone with a customer.

When our estimators come to your home to prepare a quote for your move, he or she will insist on maintaining social distancing with you and your family. Please ensure that if you or your family have the virus that you notify our management before the meeting date.

General Coronavirus Precautions

Additionally, as a precaution, we will not book a moving truck, or men to perform a move, if anyone in the household has:

  1. been in self-isolation or been in quarantine within the last 14 days
  2. traveled outside of the country in the last 14 days
  3. has had any of the symptoms of the coronavirus (cough, fever, chills, achiness) in the last 14 days

We hope that these special measures will only be in effect for a few weeks. Please check back with us for updates as things change.

Be Safe.


We welcome your comments, tips and suggestions. Please send them using our contact form.

Are your moving men being tested for the virus on a regular basis? Are you checking their temperature for a fever? I don't want someone who is a spreader touching my furniture.
  - Amigo's Reply: Of course, Carol. We require our movers to undergo a coronavirus test as we see neccessary.

Can you suggest a good place to get personal protective equipment (PPE) for my moving day? I am having trouble finding a source for it. Perhaps you supply it for me and my family?
  - Amigo's Reply: Sadly, we cannot supply PPE for you. There are many sites online that have instructions on making your own masks with supplies you should have at home.

I'm moving from Ontario to Quebec and I've heard there are restrictions on travel because of the coronavirus. Is that an issue with moving to the new house?
  - Amigo's Reply: Good question Kimberly. At the time of writing there are few border restrictions movers or other commercial transport between most Canadian provinces. Moves to the United States, other countries would require specific paperwork.

Quick question guys: I understand you have to wrap all my furniture in shrink wrap plastic. Is there an extra charge for that?
  - Amigo's Reply: Yes Thomas, if it is not already included in your quotation (ones done before the COVID-19 outbreak), we will charge time plus material for the wrapping and disinfection.

I may be a bit paranoid but should I use disinfectant wipes to clean all the surfaces in my house in the morning on moving day? I don't want your moving men to get infected.
  - Amigo's Reply: Don't be foolish, Connie. We suggest you use bleach and a rag to wash your household surfaces. Those wipes are expensive and just bad for the environment.

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